Company " Solovki - tour" has been taking travelers and their servicing on the Solovetsky Islands . "Solovki -tour" select the right program for any duration of stay on the Solovetsky archipelago in accordance with your interests , abilities and time convenient for you .

« Base of the hotel is the hotel" Green Village - Solovki . " A distinctive feature of "Solovki -tour" include the fact that practically all of its employees are residents of the Solovetsky Islands , and the company is registered directly in the village of Solovki .

« Solovki -tour" offers its customers turlider , demonstration videos on topics of Solovki , exclusive meetings with experts in the field of history and nature of the archipelago. Has experience in organizing international scientific, Filming expeditions and corporate events .

Company provides guests archipelago transport services and friendly attendants to support while traveling. On tourist routes "Solovki -tour" organizes hot meals according to old recipes Pomeranian .

Solovetskaia International Tourism Association (SITA).

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